The Strategy Navigator

The Strategy Navigator, as an innovative instrument, is part of BBE Handelsberatung’s core competence in the area of strategic consultancy. It allows you to set definite strategic positioning in the market for your retail firm. The clearly-structured implementation process ensures the long-term success of your company.

The balance sheet of a company describes the current situation, which gives information about the economic situation of the business. However, it says very little about the target situation, particularly in relation to the strategy of the company and its sustainability. With the Strategy Navigator, BBE Handelsberatung has succeeded in combining both of these in one tool.

The Strategy Navigator's methodical approach provides continual processing of all the success factors relevant to retailing:

  • So-called success factors, such as price policy, location, staff and image, are first critically examined in the current situation, in exactly the same way as e.g. market communication and service.
  • Strengths and weaknesses are elaborated in detail, using checklists and assessment grids
  • Comparison with benchmarks and examples of best practice round off the assessment and create additional incentives.
  • The market positioning will be developed taking into account the detailed analyses of the market, competition and target groups
  • We then work together to decide on a target profile for the company
  • Prioritised fields of action will be established from the target profile, taking into account the market importance of individual factors
  • The final strategic plan then contains firm recommendations in all fields of action and the resulting measures required for implementation

Your advantages:

  • Logical treatment of all decisive factors for a retail operation (comprehensive application)
  • Incorporation of all influences in the overall positioning
  • Possibility of a goal-oriented development in detail
  • Permanent updating of the instrument through the inclusion of benchmarks and/or best-practice examples and accompanying sector information
  • Practice-oriented applicability
  • Achieves a useful outcome
  • A strategic plan with exact formulation of recommendations for action
  • Can be used as documentation when dealing with outside parties

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