Image analysis

How is your company viewed by consumers -- customers and non-customers? Who are your most important competitors? How is their performance assessed? Image analysis provides the answers to these questions. It therefore allows you to make well-founded decisions on the positioning and the strategic success factors of your company.

For this we apply:

  • Telephone interviews with consumers in the catchment area (by postcode area) or
  • Direct consumer interviews at busy points in the location
  • Representative samples according to set criteria
  • Identification of the most important competitors
  • Assessing the company as seen by its customers, potential customers and non-customers, in order to determine the positioning of the company
  • Strengths/weaknesses profile of the company, also in comparison with competitors (polarity profile)
  • Awareness of the position of one's own company and the competitors in the consumers’ purchasing decision process (elimination process)
  • A starting point for specific measures: Raising the profile (positioning), optimising strategic success factors, efficient and goal-oriented advertising, orientation to the future
  • Examining the results of measures already carried out

Your advantages:

  • Everything dealt with by BBE Handelsberatung
  • Sustainable improvement in your company's competitiveness
  • Information on the regional market
  • Knowledge of the local competitive situation

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