Turnaround / Reorganisation

Many companies are no longer able to be competitive. The reason for this is often very high financial payment obligations, putting a heavy burden on the profit from operations.

Very few management consultancy companies specialise in extrajudicial restructuring in the retail sector. A procedure specially developed for the retail sector by BBE Handelsberatung, modelled on the German Insolvency Act, makes it possible for your company to become free of debt while avoiding the necessity for legal proceedings.

The procedure comprises:

  • Processing and analysing operational data according to specific retail requirements
  • Compiling an analysis report based on the IFR FAR 1/1991 and IFR 1/1996 guidelines (requirements for restructuring concepts)
  • Compiling a status report in accordance with section 217 et seq. InsO (Insolvency Act)
  • Installation of controlling mechanisms

Your advantages:

  • Supervision of negotiations with banks and trading partners such as landlords, suppliers etc. by experienced and capable advisers
  • The link between lawyers, accountants and other business partners
  • Committed, target-oriented support in the interests of the company

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