Market / Location

The location is a fundamental success factor for your company. In order to make the right decisions, a sector-specific examination is essential. BBE sector experts analyse a vast number of existing and potential locations on a daily basis. This experience allows an authoritative assessment of location potential to be made. It therefore forms the basis for sustainable decisions on location by independent retailers, branch networks, purchasing cooperatives and manufacturers' distribution structures.

We can provide you with numerous location-related evaluations:

  • Quick check
  • Location analysis
  • Checking suitability of location
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Development of expansion strategy
  • Analysis of the existing absorption (market share, catchment area)
  • Analysis of the absorption potential
  • Turnover forecast (up to product range and retail format level)
  • Product range concepts
  • Cannibalisation analysis
  • Reports (also for outside parties such as banks etc.)
  • Optimisation of distribution structures / blank space analysis (purchasing cooperatives and industries)
  • Geo-information systems

Your advantages:

  • Authoritative and well-founded analysis results, based on profound knowledge of the industry and the experience of many hundred location analyses each year
  • The application of methodology that is continuously refined and improved, and access to a data pool developed in-house
  • Very rapid processing and consideration of features specific to the sector and concept

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