Management consulting

In retailing, each sector is its own world. Always taking account of the specific features of each sector, BBE provides comprehensive strategic and operational services, including support for implementation.

Those planning a purchase need clear messages. However, variety and therefore also interchangeability are nowhere more pronounced than in retailing. Positioning and profiling are therefore the primary deciding factors in corporate success. Both require detailed knowledge of the sector concerned. BBE has this industry expertise – starting from setting a strategic direction through to deep into matters of operational practice:

  • Do you have a positioning discernible by consumers?
  • Are your business activities oriented towards a clearly defined strategy?
    > Positioning/Strategy


  • How can you exploit new markets or expand your company?
    > Expansion



  • Does your location have long-term prospects?
  • What product-range-specific market potential is there in your catchment area?
  • How large is your potential turnover considering the existing competitive situation?
    > Market/Location


BBE sector experts are always both generalists and specialists, endowed with experience and flair. In carrying out their work they have exclusive access to a unique assemblage of retail-relevant market data for the entire German-speaking area. Including current comparable values and “best-in-sector” benchmarks: this is the BBE Data Pool.

The most successful companies in their sectors are not alone in putting their trust in BBE’s tried-and-tested methods of analysis and reasoned recommendations. Purchasing cooperatives and the consumer goods industry also use our services to safeguard important decisions.