Real Estate Consulting

The proper positioning of your retail property is the foundation stone for market success. Therefore, the continuous assessment of a property and its potential in a specific location is an essential part of our real estate advisory service. Whether new construction or optimization, acquisition or revitalization - our real estate consulting assures significant added value.

Real Estate Consulting for your Retail Property

Our real estate consulting is primarily designed for investors, retailers and property developers and provides an analysis and assessment program that can be tailored to each situation. Our consulting services cover all types of commercial real estate including retail space in offices, commercial and residential buildings as well as retail space on high streets or in shopping centres. You will benefit from the optimum interaction of in-depth retail industry knowledge in commercial real estate and direct contact with operators. Based on our market know-how on current regional and national retail market trends, your property will be assessed appropriately.

Customized advice by BBE Real Estate Consulting

Each market and site is subject to its own laws and each retail property should be assessed on an individual basis according to its specific advantages and risks. We will provide you with recommendations on how to exploit market potential based on a detailed analysis of all factors affecting your property. BBE real estate consulting also provides recommendations on real estate marketing in order to target the right customer groups.

Is your commercial property affected by challenges or vacancy? BBE real estate consulting offers optimal guidance in developing distressed properties and maintaining long-term asset value with regard to specific retail location. At BBE, our aim is to reduce vacancy as well as improve your property´s leasing potential.

BBE Real Estate Consulting contains:

  • Determined analysis of market and location conditions
  • Detailed assessment of the real estate’s characteristics for retail use
  • Design of long-term utilization concepts for your property with an optimized tenant-mix (including spatial, functional and user profiles)
  • Customized revitalization concepts and market repositioning
  • Robust estimate of income (covering rent and sales turnover forecasting, investment and financing planning)
  • Impartial due diligence
  • Active support for asset and portfolio management
  • Location-specific tools for your retail property: ranging from a “quick check” to implementation support

Benefits of our Real Estate Consulting:

  • Hedging of investment decisions ensured by a valid second opinion
  • Site-specific consultation providing a rapid overview based on relevant implementation experience
  • Objective comparison with other properties

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