Retail location analysis

Generate the best basis for your company’s market strategy with a profound location analysis: only then can retail be successful. Right from the start, the sum of single location factors is the decisive criterion in the retail industry. Decisions regarding geomarketing within the retail industry have to be evaluated carefully, based on location factors. An extensive location analysis is the first step towards your long-term success.

A solid base for your project: retail location analysis

New retail formats, E-Commerce and growing cost pressure – different trends and developments in the retail industry mean that a profound company strategy, which is optimized according to location factors, is becoming increasingly important. Location analysis not only provides answers to the question of whether a certain site is suitable for your retail idea in general. The on-site inspection is also the prefect basis to adjust your retail scheme in a profitable way. Therefore ‘situation’ and ‘location’ factors as well as the ‘catchment area’ are analyzed and evaluated. For elaborated geomarketing, a location analysis is also essential. For instance, the selection of a specific retail sector can optimize your geomarketing strategy for the given location’s customer profile.   

Optimize your retail with BBE

For decades the retail specialists at BBE have been undertaking location analyses and advising retailers on how to make adequate use of location factors in their decision-making. Accordingly, BBE’s location analysis is an important component for your geomarketing. The specialists at BBE utilize sophisticated methodology and profound sector knowledge in order to provide customized modules for assessing the given location factors for your retail requirements.


The location analysis of BBE includes:

  • Location factor analysis including macro and micro locations
  • Forecasting with socio-demographic data
  • Industry-specific competition analysis
  • Assortment specific customer loyalty rates
  • An accurate case-by-case delineation of catchment areas
  • Reliable market and sales potential estimates
  • Specific location analysis of store network cannibalization
  • Effective support for expansion
  • Tools tested in numerous location analysis studies: from standardized short checks to comprehensive reports - the right instrument for each location analysis

Location analysis retail - Your benefits:

  • Reliable basis for decision-making
  • Sound basis for geomarketing
  • Strong foundation for discussions with third parties, e.g. banks
  • Rapid processing by means of sophisticated methods
  • Increased security due to BBE’s large inventory of internal data (benchmarking)
  • Continuous validation of analyses through internal market research (see publications)

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