New connect-formats in physical retail space: smaller, but smarter

Under the increasing pressure of booming e-commerce, ever more retailers with physical formats are putting their business models to the test and, where necessary, making fundamental changes. Innovative ideas and flexible concepts are required in order to remain viable in the future.

In addition to their current concepts, companies such as Saturn or Decathlon are trying to reach customers with the new “Connect-Format”. These new trendy stores are significantly smaller and situated in prime locations or in shopping centers. While, for example, Decathlon is searching for locations with a sales area between 4,000 and 8,000 square meters, the connect-format only requires 50 to 220 square meters.  

“Saturn Connect” offers products from their basic range in a smaller sales area as well as sales advice and customer services for everyday digital life. Decathlon offers a predominantly Click & Collect service: The customer orders the products online and collects the goods from the store. The key characteristic of this format is the strong link with the online-shop and the focus is on the digital sales network. The architecture is trendy and adapted to the technical theme. For example, sales staff support customers with the aid of numerous screens in order to demonstrate the products.

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